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Storm King

The Atlantic features a really interesting collection of creative types sharing the processes they go through when they create something new. The story behind the story is something that always fascinates me. This did a nice job of getting a varied cross-section of professions, thinking beyond just writing and art and including architecture and food and music.

It’s funny how in order to create something new and to be good at doing that, sometimes you have to develop a routine and go through some of the same basic steps so that you can produce a fresh idea. When I design pages, I have my own creative process that on some days feels very intuitive and on others I do much more consciously:  I try to read my stories, I look at the photos available, I think about how the reader will interpret these things and what they will see first. I drop all the pieces on a page template and start putting them into place. I take a standard design and I begin to manipulate it, adhering to basic rules/guidelines that I think important, and find a layout that will be interesting, eye-catching, new to the reader who flips through these pages everyday and hopefully, serves to tell the story well.


Written by Kim

April 15, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Posted in essay, magazines

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